Thank you for your interest in the WITS Autumn Season 2019

Registration for the Autumn Season 2019 Doubles’ is now closed. ¬†Thank you to the 56 Teams that registered.

  • Premier A division: 8 Teams
  • Premier B division: 7 Teams
  • A division division: 6 Teams
  • Alpha Division: 6 Teams
  • B Division: 8 Teams
  • Beta Division: 8 Teams
  • C Division: 7 Teams
  • D Division: 6 Teams

Please note that these are provisional numbers at registration close and subject to change at the discretion of the WITS Committee.

Autumn Season

The season runs from August through to November

Premier A & Premier B Division teams play on Mondays

A & Alpha Division teams play on Tuesdays

B & Beta Division teams play on Wednesdays

C & D Division teams play on Thursdays

Please note that dates are subject to change.