The WITS League provides competitive weekday team based womens double tennis with the opportunity to play in a single tennis ladder over two seasons Spring and Autumn per year.

We aim to provide teams of similar competitive playing abilities across 8 divisions.




women from 30 different countries

aged between 35 – 54 years old

players new to competitive tennis

WITS Divisions Of Play

The skills definitions listed below are designed to provide a guide to the eight divisions of play in the WITS league. If you do not have a USTA or ITN ranking you can apply for an assessment or grading by the WITS approved coach and then the Committee will try to find you a team which will match your skill set.

Premier A

Many Premier A players have been nationally ranked juniors and they are all top level competitors with experience and a wide variety of shots, foot work, power and spin. Players in this division have excellent shot anticipation; frequently have outstanding shots of exceptional consistency, can regularly hit winners or force errors off short balls; can successfully execute lobs, drop shots, half volleys and overhead smashes; have good depth and spin on most second serves.

Premier B

These are very skilled players, able to execute difficult shots with consistency, using power and spin to greater advantage. They can vary their game plan according to opponents. They can vary their serve and place their second serve. They have dependable strokes including directional and depth control on both the forehand and backhand sides and can produce ground strokes, volleys, lobs, overheads, and approach shots with success.

A Division

These players have power and consistency and can vary strategies and styles of play in competitive situations and hit dependable shots when under pressure or stress. They have sound footwork; can control depth of shots and are able to move opponent up and back; can hit first serves with power and accuracy and place the second serve; are able to rush the net with some success on serve. 

Alpha Division

These players have dependable strokes on both forehand and backhand sides; have the ability to use a variety of shots including lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys; can place the first serve and force some errors; are seldom out of position in a doubles game and are strong, dependable players in competition play

B Division

This division will provide a more challenging level of play enabling them to further develop their match play skills. These players have achieved dependable stroke production with directional control on moderately paced shots. They continue to work on depth and variety and are developing strong team work in doubles.

Beta Division

These players are still working on stroke dependability, depth and variety but have improved ability to direct shots away from the opponent.  They are not yet able to force errors on the serve but can hit forehand and backhand volleys consistently and have often played for several years.

C Division

These players have achieved some stroke dependability and direction on shots within reach, including forehand and backhand volleys, but still lack depth and variety.  The serve is more reliable but C Division players still lack some directional control and power.

D Division

These players can place shots with moderate success and can sustain a rally of slow to medium pace but are not comfortable with all strokes. They are learning to judge where the ball is going but have limited court coverage and lack control when trying for power. These players have limited on-court experience and are likely to be newcomers to competition tennis.

The Divisions Play On The Following Days:

Mondays                          Premier A & Premier B

Tuesdays                         A & ALPHA

Wednesdays                    B & BETA

Thursdays                        C & D

Each team coordinates their own court location for home matches.

Prizes / Awards

In the Doubles league, the Champions and Runners-up in each division receive trophies and there is a traveling team trophy awarded to the winners in each division. In the singles, a coveted WITS champions bagtag is awarded to the winning player in each division.

An awards event is held at the end of each season to celebrate the season’s achievements and present trophies to the winners.